Jami Susijärvi, ICT specialist from Finland. Born 1984 and I have 17 Years of working experience in ICT, 8 Years of doing global ICT migrations. I have 3 kids and a small farm in Urjala.

Specialized in core Microsoft infrastructure. I did work 13 years at Fujitsu Finland and currently I work at Mylab as a System Specialist.

I have high interest for IoT and embedded systems. Those are mostly hobby for me but when I was asked to work part time for RMK Vehicles I had to agree for that project. It combines multiple passions for me. EV’s, motorcycles and embedded systems. I work as a Sofware lead engineer and i’m also partly responsible of electronics. Main task is to design main computer (somekind of ECU) that has OTA updates and is collecting data from other devices and sensors and showing this info at display for the driver. Also bluetooth navigation support with mobilephone. 

I  keep my self as a white hat hacker. Stay tuned, I have some vulnerability releases coming. I will also publish some electronic projects here.

[email protected]
+358 40 715 2224